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  • Clothing for XC Skiing
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  • The Eight Essential Skills of XC Skiing
  • How to Turn & Stop: Yes, it is possible.

From the Legal Dept: By downloading this PDF file you acknowledge that Cross Country Skiing, like many other outdoor activities, especially in winter, carries the risk of personal injury. Although we hope you find it useful, it is not intended to take the place of professional cross country ski instruction.

A Beginners Guide to Cross Country Skiing (Requires Acrobat Reader)

I have enjoyed corresponding with so many of you in past years, and I hope this information is useful to you. Comments and questions are welcomed.

Those of you with a certain (warped?) sense of humor might enjoy: "Death Be Not Proud" a parody about beginning XC skiing. It was given to me by Claire Hiller a long time ago. Its NOT an instructional guide, so DON'T try anything it says, EVER!


mike@prnt4u (DOT) com

FYI: 02.16.10, this document was removed for about 8 months because a woman misinterpreted a single sentence about how to make a snowplow turn. In her email she threatened "...crash and hold you responsible for misinformation". (A novice skier from Finland read the same sentance and wrote: "A-maz-ing! In this same area a week ago I had fallen at least four times. But today I didn't fall even once! Yahoo!")
Many of you have written and convinced me that "a single stupid-person from the comfortable anonymity of their keyboard (should not) ... be allowed to affect what the rest of us would like to enjoy..." In response to overwhelming support, from skiers in the United States, Canada and Europe, I re-posted the document, and I thank all of you who so kindly responded.